While you are here take a stroll through the surrounding area and enjoy the local Alentejo cuisine.


Distance from Juromenha: 16,5 km

Juromenha is part of the municipality of Alandroal which offers a rich cultural and gastronomic tradition. Do not forget to visit the Alandroal and Terena castles and the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora da Boa Nova, before having a lunch or dinner of migas or freshwater fish at one of the region’s restaurants.

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Distance from Juromenha: 18,1 km

A must-see place in the Alentejo, Elvas is an historic city marked by its proximity to the border. The city walls and the Amoreira aqueduct are some of the important monuments you can see. But the city also boasts new buildings and offers a range of cuisine and entertainments that takes full advantage of the region’s geography.

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Vila Viçosa

Distance from Juromenha: 20,6 km

In Vila Viçosa you can find a slice of history on every corner. The town has close links with the royal House of Bragança which chose Vila Viçosa as the heart of its dukedom. Your time will be well spent visiting the town’s monuments and in particular the Paço Ducal (Duke’s Palace), which contains so many memories of the Dukes of Bragança and the kings of Portugal.


Distance from Juromenha: 46,5 km

The city of Estremoz is almost 500 metres above sea level, and so offers a wonderful view of the surrounding countryside. Stop in Estremoz, walk through the streets of its old town (Alcáçova), and go up to the castle, where you can feel the essence of the Alentejo and gaze over a never-ending landscape.

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Distance from Juromenha: 53 km

Borba is a (small) city of white houses, where the landscape is dotted with the region’s main industry: marble quarries. But Borba is also renowned for its excellent wines, olive oil and cuisine, reasons enough for an unhurried visit.


Distance from Juromenha: 46,5 km

Olivença sits on the left bank of the Guadiana River, just 23 km from the city of Elvas and 24 km from Badajoz. Its rich culture, numerous monuments, ethnographic museum and excellent cuisine are all good reasons for visiting Olivenza.